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Keep Your Handicap Index Here!


Our SCGA club will not continue past the end of 2014. All current memberships are valid through December 31, 2014. There is not a transfer fee for you to move your membership to another club for 2015, you will only have to pay the annual membership fee of whichever club you choose to join. You can locate other clubs at



scga.gifYour index is an average of your most recent best scores and provides a way to see how you compare to your friends, family and competitors.

Handicaps also level the playing field, allowing golfers to give or get strokes in competition versus other handicapped players. No more guessing, as your index number will give you a certain number of handicap strokes per particular course and will be an accurate assessment of your scoring ability.

Establishing a handicap index is a necessity if you're interested in entering competitions and tournaments.


CGC will be your home club of the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA).

Signing up is simple -- just come in to the pro shop and fill out the form. We'll send all your information to the SCGA and get you an index number. If you have scorecards from recent rounds, you can enter your scores online once you get your GHIN number. If you do not have any recent scorecards, no worries, just come in and get signed up for a membership number so you can start tracking.

All score entry is done electronically, either at the computer located at each course you play or on-line at the SCGA website. Indexes are updated on the 1st and 15th of each month and you will receive an email with your new index or you can look it up anytime at

Click here for SCGA member benefits, Q&A and more! (pdf file)



Fees for joining CGC's membership club for the entire 2014 calendar year is only:

  • $45 for adults -- NEW LOWER PRICE!
  • $30 for juniors (under age 18 as of January 1 of new membership year)
  • All memberships good through Dec. 31. Renewal period begins in October 1 each year.
  • Join during renewal period and get the rest of 2013 for free along with all of next year.
  • Membership fees can be paid by cash or credit card, but cannot be done online as we need you to fill out paperwork in the shop.

All 2014 CGC Club members will receive a voucher for a free large bucket of range balls ($10 value): 


You will have to renew your membership at the end of each year and we will contact you to remind you to come in and pay.

Renewal deadline for current members is in December each year. If you miss the deadline and are removed from our list, you will have to be reinstated and there may be a time lapse in your membership account access.

If you previously had a SCGA index with our club or another club but are not currently active, your information may still be available under your old number. You can reactivate your membership with our club - NO CHARGE!

If you have or had an SCGA index with another club, you can transfer it to our club - NO CHARGE!

Being a member of the SCGA entitles you to discounts on greens fees and merchandise at a variety of golf courses throughout Southern California.

New members can be added at any time. No scorecards are needed.



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2013 Club Champion Jim Anderson 2013 Low Gross Winner Steven Eck


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