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Custom Clubfitting

If you're not playing with equipment that is fit to your swing, you're not playing to your potential. Imagine how easy golf could be if the problem is with your clubs, not with the way you swing them!

custom_fitting_building.jpgCGC offers the most extensive on-the-driving range custom clubfitting capability in Southern California – with a staff of experienced, knowledgeable professionals and the ability for you to side-by-side comparison test the hottest new clubs from 10 top brands (see brand list in box at right).

It is vitally important to see ball flight when testing clubs and you can do that on our 300+ yard range.

We have hundreds of fitting woods and irons as well as individual manufacturer fitting systems so that, in most cases, you'll get to hit and see the ball flight of the club(s) fit to your specifications. This applies to the many brands we fit for men, women and even hard-to-find left-handed clubs. In addition to fitting new clubs, we also offer Retro-Fitting Services for your existing clubs to determine if you would benefit from adjustments or a club change.

In a fitting session, you will team with a certified clubfitting professional, using a both dynamic fit and ForeSight golf ball tracking and information system for analysis and verification, to determine your personal specifications for:

  • shaft length
  • shaft flex
  • grip size
  • loft
  • lie
  • head style

Additionally, for the most-used club in your bag -- your putter -- we offer custom fitting sessions as well. We also have devices to measure the length and lie of putters to match a putter to your natural set-up. We fit all parts of the putter, including the grip, to make sure the golfer is completely comfortable with the putter they choose. Once dialed in, putters can be tested on our real-grass putting green.

Only you will select which clubs feel best to you (& your budget) - without sales pressure or brand-specific direction. All this AND we feature a LOW PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE on everything we sell AND we GUARANTEE YOUR HAPPINESS with custom fit clubs. You can also trade-in your used or unwanted clubs for credit for any merchandise or services at our facility.

In order to make sure you get the personal attention you deserve during your custom-fitting or retro-fitting, all sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Walk-ins will be accommodated only if one of our fitters is available. You’ll be fit by a certified clubfitting professional, plus all custom-fittings include verification with the FlightScope system. Call the pro shop to check appointment availability: 760-720-GOLF (4653) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Bi-annual list of Golf Digest's America's Best 100 Fitters - 2011 - 2016
PING U.S. Top 100 Clubfitters 2014-2015
 PING Clubfitter of the Year: National 2011, Regional 2007
Callaway Top 100 Fitter 2015
Clubfitter of the Year for PGA Southern California Section - 2007
CGC Owner Susan Roll on Golf Digest "Hot List" Retailer Panel - 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010-2015
Titleist FittingWorks Top 100 Account - 2008 & 2010
Mizuno Top 100 Fitters - 2008, 2014-2015
Clubfitter of the Year for PGA San Diego Chapter - 2006
Nominee for Clubfitter of the Year for Callaway & PING - 2004


Foresight Sports' Launch Monitor

Foresight Sports' Launch Monitor GC2 Smart Camera System measures and analyzes ball flight at launch to instantly deliver the most accurate ball performance data available today including velocity, launch angle, azimuth, back spin, side spin, and total spin.


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Top 100 Club Fitter

Golf Digest America’s Best 100 Clubfitters 2011-2016


From Ron V. (0.1 Handicap golfer) in Lancaster, CA
(145 miles from CGC)

I would recommend anyone to get fitted through CGC. Last year I was fitted by Susan [Roll, CGC owner] for irons and this year by Mug [Ogg, Facility Manager] for woods. I have gained 10-15 yards off the tee and am more consistent with the iron striking. We spent two hours on the range with the latest technology for a precise fitting and pleasing results with seeing the ball flight and seeing the numbers from the various spin rates. I can't wait to go back soon for a new set of wedges. You can't get this service or fitting from a golf store with "indoor ranges." Thanks again.

AGM Platinum Award Winner for Premier Golf Shops 2013-2016 (first years)


Golf World Best 100 Golf Shops 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 (final year)


Golf Digest America’s Best 100 Clubfitters 2011-2016




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Best Golf Shop 2012, 2014



KZG World's Top 100 ClubFitters 2015