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Why Get Custom Fit?

Instead of us telling you why we think you should get custom fit for clubs with our team of professionals, we thought we’d let some of our customers tell you why.

These are all testimonials from our satisfied men and women customers who wrote to us after their custom fitting experience and club purchase.

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From Rob M. of San Diego, CA (35 miles from CGC):
Thanks for getting me fitted for my irons. I have played a couple of rounds since the fitting and I have seen improvement in my game already. I am hitting my irons a lot better and more consistently. Everyone always told me to get them fitted, but I was very stubborn and didn't think I needed too. I have recommended your services to a couple of other golfers I know in the area too.

From David and Vanessa of Escondido (17 miles from CGC):
We were both very happy with your fitting and ad hoc tips [from Les Duer, assistant professional] to improve Vanessa’s swing. We played the day after seeing you and she hit almost every drive straight into the fairway (she’s never come even close to having that consistency before). And, her putting improved considerably with the new putter!

From Cheryl J. of Encino, CA (111 miles from CGC):
Thank you very much for your assistance yesterday. I sincerely appreciate how good you are at what do. Knowing my equipment is fitted properly gives me so much confidence. On my way home I stopped at the driving range and could not believe how well, and far, I hit my five iron.

From Sharon T. of Santa Barbara (188 miles from CGC):
Just have to let you know about my first round with the new clubs, which are probably the first and only set of irons I have ever had any confidence in. I actually hit the 7-iron several times and straight. Probably one of the most exciting things about the day was the five one-putts with the new putter. My husband Ed was so jealous and could hardly wait for his new clubs to arrive. Well, they did yesterday, so we played hooky from work so he could try them out. He was spectacular with them -- long and straight - and he said they really feel good. Thank you, thank you for all your help and encouragement.

From Cathy T. of Poway (29 miles from CGC):
Just wanted to report back. I was a little worried after a few holes on short courses that I would never hit my driver and 3 wood again the way I did at my fitting. But, I went out for my first regulation 18 and feel much better now. I shot a 92 yesterday! Only my third time below a hundred and my personal best score ever! A couple of my better drives were over 200 yards. Wowee! It was a real confidence boosting golf day. Just wanted you to know that I'm one satisfied customer! I think I won't give up golf after all (yet, anyway).

From John B., U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, Retired:
I have sent more than a few members of the Navy Golf Course San Diego, Admiral Baker Men’s Club to you, which is, by the way, the largest Men’s Club in the United States military. I will continue to refer our 400+ members to you. You fitted me well, and I appreciate that, even though I had the ‘shanks’ during my fitting. Glad you saw through that!

From Wes H. of Pomona, CA (80 miles from CGC):
You folks are just over the top in your level of customer service. When I first came to your driving range & pro shop, I left with a new set of clubs knowing it was a long way to go for lessons, but if I ever needed serious help related to golf, this was the place to come. I brought my son-in-law for a fitting because I knew it would be done right. When all I needed was a replacement club, you folks dug through your archives to find the fitting notes from two years ago, contacted Tour Edge and got a replacement club on order. I can't thank you enough for your help. You can bet that the next time I need help with my game, I'll only have one destination and all of my friends will hear of this too.

From Jeff B. of Long Beach, CA (76 miles from CGC):
In a tournament today, I hit the new 3-wood awesome, the 50 & 56 degree wedges felt like butter and really increased my accuracy. I shot a 79 (they had me at an 11 handicap for this course and tournament) and I won the "A" tournament with a net 68! While I need to get more intimate with the hybrid, that seems like it will be a great club as well. While I am very grateful for your time an expertise I was even more impressed with your recommendation that I wait for the next generation driver before buying one that didn't provide a great difference from my existing $99 driver. Please call me when that driver comes. Playing with the properly fitted clubs makes enjoying the game much easier. Playing and winning with those clubs is an even better experience! Thanks for your patience.

From Vickie A. of Burbank, CA (95 miles from CGC), as published in a letter to the editor of Golf For Women magazine, July/August 2006:
I recently surprised my husband with a clubfitting at the Carlsbad Golf Center in California. (I also made an appointment for myself.) The experience was above par! We tried many brands of clubs and shafts, and the staff was helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. My husband later raved about the experience, and when friends and family asked him how I knew where to go, he proudly told them that I'd read about it in "Hey, Make Over My Bag!" in the March/April (2006) issue of Golf For Women [which featured Carlsbad Golf Center's custom fitting capabilities in a six-page article].

From Kim L. of Newport Beach, CA (57 miles from CGC):
A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I had fittings. Well, I got my TaylorMade irons within 3 days and I love them. I played 18 with them last Saturday and played awesome. It was totally worth it and I really appreciate it and will be back for my driver. Just wanted you to know. It was a fun weekend for both of us. Thanks again.

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