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Alignment Aids During Round?

I know it’s not a penalty to have alignment rods in my bag as long as I don’t use them during the round (rule 14-3/10.3). However, can I use one of my golf clubs as an alignment aid during the round? 

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USGA announces new decisions for 2014

USGA announces new decisions for 2014

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The USGA and R&A have announced some changes to the Rules starting next year. Technically, they released decisions on the rules and not changes.

Most of us were anxiously awaiting some sort of break-through on the irritating trend of television viewers calling in potential rules violations. We did not get any ruling regarding “equity” relative to the amount of time high profile players are televised and therefore under more TV viewer scrutiny. In fact, the governing bodies essentially have re-confirmed that tournament committees should use all available resources when adjudicating violations. The only significant thing they announced was that, basically, if the naked eye couldn’t see the ball move…it didn’t move regardless of what the HDTV in super slo-mo shows. That ruling won’t stop the phone calls and will, in fact, create more options for the committee to rule against video evidence and making it appear that certain players get preferential treatment.

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Pick Up the Flagstick?

A friend putted on a downhill fast green and the ball was headed for the flagstick laying on the ground. I picked the flagstick up so the ball would not hit it. Is there a penalty?

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Move the Ball Off The Cart Path?

My opponent moved his ball because he said the rules allow for moving the ball off a cart path. However, I maintain he should be penalized. He’s angry with me because I haven’t paid my debt. Do I have to pay?

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Unplayable Lie? Back to the Tee?

I hit my tee shot and it headed for an area that is basically full of unplayable lies and is not marked as a hazard.
The cart path cuts through this area. I found and identified my ball, which was under a bush (unplayable) on left side of cart path (closest to fairway and hole).
My nearest point of relief within two club lengths would be another unplayable lie or on the cart path. In keeping the spot where my ball lies between me and the hole, going back on that line would put me on the other side of cart path also in the junk with another unplayable lie, except for a very small patch of clear dirt if I could happen to get lucky and have the ball stop there. If I could, I’d be standing on the cart path and nearest point would be in the junk again. Is best (and probably only) option here to go back to the tee?

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