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Golf Instruction FAQ

How do I schedule a private lesson?
It depends on the instructor. Please refer to either an instructor’s individual bio page for how to schedule a lesson. Or, you can always call the pro shop 760-720-GOLF (4653).

How do I sign up for a class, clinic or a workshop?
The information page for each class contains instructions for how to sign up. For most classes, call the pro shop: 760-720-GOLF (4653).

Are range balls included in lessons?
Yes, for all private lessons with instructors listed on this website, as well as group classes, clinics and workshops. The quantity of balls varies depending on the type of class or lesson. For private lessons, you will get balls to hit during your lesson only. For group classes, see class description.

Who is the best teacher at your facility?
There is no way to say one is better than another, as teaching and learning are a two-way street. The best teacher for you is the one that communicates best with you to get the desired results. Each of our instructors is trained to work with players of all skill levels and learning modes, so it’s merely a matter of finding the instructor who will work best for you. We recommend reading each instructor’s bio page and their teaching philosophy, as well as checking their lesson rates and availability to help you in choosing a likely candidate. You are always welcome to come in the pro shop and meet any of the instructors before scheduling a lesson. Another way to help pick an instructor is to take a drop-in class or clinic with them to familiarize yourself with their teaching style.

Who is the best teacher for junior players?
Any of the instructors who offer lesson rates for juniors make good teachers for kids. See the answer above regarding best teachers. The junior drop-in classes are an excellent way to see if your child likes a particular instructor.

What do all the logos and terms PGA or LPGA mean?
Click here for explanation of these terms and credentials.

What is the difference between a “staff” and an “independent” instructor?
A “staff” instructor is a CGC employee who also works in the pro shop and may provide other services such as clubfitting or repair. Staff instructors are the most familiar with all the products we offer to help you improve your game. “Independent” instructors are just that, independent. They are not employees of the CGC and are responsible for taking their own payments for lessons, keeping track of lesson series and fulfilling all obligations to students for prepaid lessons.

Why does the private lesson rate vary by instructor?
Instructors all set their own rates, which vary by the professional experience and education of the instructor. Full PGA and LPGA members have the most experience and education and therefore charge more for their lessons than non-affiliated instructors or apprentice professionals.

Do I have to pay for a series of private lessons before I take the first one?
No. When working with a new instructor, we recommend taking your first lesson and then deciding if you want to purchase a series, which will save you money.

Where do I pay for lessons?
For group lessons with any instructor: pay in the pro shop
For private lessons with staff instructors: pay in the pro shop
For private lessons with independent instructors: pay them directly unless you are using a CGC Gift Card, then you must come in the pro shop.

What forms of payment are accepted for lessons?
For staff instructors, you can use a CGC gift card, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Debit cards. We do not accept checks of any kind.
For independent instructors, you can also use a CGC gift card or cash. Each person accepts different forms of payment: some take checks, others don’t; some take credit cards on-site, others only before the lesson. Please refer to individual instructor bio page for details or ask the instructor – email and phone number for each instructor is listed on their individual bio page.

Do lessons include video?
It depends on the instructor. Please refer to each instructor’s individual bio page to see if they use video as part of their lessons. If they do, it is included in the lesson rate.

Do I need golf shoes for lessons?
If you are just beginning golf, no, you don’t need to invest in shoes before you know if you even like the game. There are several reasons you should wear golf shoes to practice as well as play. Golf shoes may be a different height than your other shoes, which could make you adjust your stance. Golf shoes also give you traction to keep from “spinning out” of your swing. They also provide lateral stability to help you brace your weight to coil in your backswing and not “collapse” over the outside of your foot. Many players have one pair of shoes for practice and others for getting out on the course.

Do I bring all of my clubs to a lesson?
Yes. And, if you have them, wear golf shoes.

I am a beginner. Where do I start and do I need clubs?
Welcome to golf! Congratulations on taking up this fun game. We are so glad you came to us to begin your journey of learning to play this great game. Our facility is inviting, fun and easily accessible for you to come to classes, lessons and practice regularly. If you don’t have clubs yet, you can rent or borrow them here. Once you have a couple of lessons under your belt, we can fit you for your first set of clubs. We love to help new golfers, so don’t hesitate to call us with any question you may have. That’s what we are here for!!!

Do you have rental clubs to use in my lessons?
Yes, we will loan you clubs for your lesson for free. Just come in the pro shop and we will give you clubs to use during your lessons. Outside of lesson time, adults can rent them but they’re always free for kids under 16 to use.

What is the best way to start my child learning to play golf?
Depending on your budget, we recommend our junior group class or a series of private junior lessons. Please call or stop by the golf shop and we can recommend some first steps for your child. We love kids at CGC, so stop by and hit some golf balls.

How old does a child have to be to take lessons?
We can start your child with lessons as early as 3 years old. Formal instruction usually begins around age 7 for most children, but every child is unique. Please come to the pro shop for a free consultation to determine the best track for your child.

How much time should I allow between lessons?
This depends on many factors, including your current skill level, your commitment to practicing between lessons and if you have a certain timeframe goal for improvement. Discuss this with your instructor to come up with a game plan for your lessons.

Do I have to schedule all the lessons in a series right now?
No. It is always preferable to plan ahead and schedule your lessons out over the course of certain time period. This will encourage you to practice between sessions and help speed your game development. However, you can use the lessons in the series as fast or as slow as you like.

What should my skill level be to go to the drop-in classes?
Players of any skill level can come to these classes. Most of the students in these classes are beginner to mid-level players.

What should my skill level be to attend clinics or workshops?
It depends on the class. The information page for each class will indicate who is welcome to attend the class. Call the pro shop if you are unsure: 760-720-GOLF (4653).

How do I get more consistency in my game?
The great game of golf itself is inconsistent, so it is important to be realistic about your game development. Working with an instructor will help you learn fundamental techniques and have a base of knowledge that will eventually allow you to self-correct and improve. Pick aspects of your game that can use improvement or ones where you don’t get the desired results and focus on those areas in lessons and in practice sessions.

As a new golfer, at what point should I purchase clubs?
We recommend as soon as possible once you can make consistent contact with the ball. If you are unsure, just stop by the golf shop and talk to one of our trained golf professionals and they will be able to help you. It is very important for you to start off right with the proper equipment.

How much do clubs affect my ability to learn how to play and get better?
Clubs have a dramatic effect on how you hit the ball and your ball flight. When you are learning to play, it is particularly important to have clubs that are close to being fit for you. If you develop a swing with clubs that are not right for you there is a good chance you will have difficulty being consistent and you may even develop compensations in your swing because of your clubs. You don’t want to develop muscle memory for a swing that has to be modified because the club isn’t right for you.

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