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Club Repair FAQ

When should clubs be re-gripped?

After 20 rounds or every six months, whichever comes first. Think of grips like the oil in your car: change your grips for optimum performance. Clubs with worn grips will slip in your hands, causing open or closed club faces that result in hooks or slices. The clubs you use the most may need grips sooner than your less-favorite clubs.

Why should clubs be re-gripped?

Incorrectly sized grips may cause you to grip the club too tightly, causing tension in your hands and loss of distance. New technology allows companies to manufacture grips in a variety of sizes, colors and degrees of firmness. We'll help you determine if your current grips are the correct size for you and help you select new ones to your liking. Ask about special grips for players with arthritis.

How do I know what size and type of grip is best for me?

Grip texture is an individual preference, which is why we stock so many different types of grips. Grip size is determined by your hand size and your golf grip. When you come in the shop, one of our club specialists can work with you to determine the best selection. Grips can also be made to feel differently with the number of tape wraps underneath. Just discuss your personal preferences with our club specialists.

Do you carry grips in smaller sizes for women and juniors?


Do you carry grips for arthritic hands?


If I bring my own grips, can you install them?

Yes. Cost is $3 per grip.

How much to install grips if I buy them from you?

Nothing. It’s always free with purchase.

How long does it take to re-grip a club?

We can often change a grip while you shop. If not, we can definitely change it within 24 hours.

Do I have to wait to use a club after it has been re-gripped?

Yes. Let it dry for at least a half-hour so that the grip doesn’t rotate from its aligned position.

Can you save a grip off when changing shafts?

Sometimes. It depends on the grip and its condition. Sometimes we get lucky and it comes off easily, but sometimes it doesn’t. We can try, but can’t guarantee we can do it. Replacement grips are additional and are priced separately than the club repair work.

Can I get more of the original grips that came with my clubs?

It depends on the grip and the manufacturer. We can order manufacturer-branded grips from some of the companies but not others. Also, many of the grips that originally come on clubs are the same grips we stock from the grip manufacturers – they just don’t have the club brand name on them. Bring the club you want to re-grip and we will help you find the best replacement option.

Can you put my club back together after the head broke off?

Sometimes. It depends on how it broke and how the clubs was originally constructed. For some clubs, we can glue the head back on, but it will sometimes just come off again.

Can you put a broken shaft back together?

No. A broken shaft must be removed and reshafted. We stock a large variety of replacement shafts and may have one in-stock that is similar to what you broke. Otherwise, we can order another shaft for you and install it. If the club is still under warranty from the manufacturer, bring it in and we will send the club to the manufacturer. Ask golf shop staff for details and costs.

How long does it take to repair a golf club?

It depends on what is being done to it. We offer a 24-hour turn-around on most repairs if all components are in-stock.

Do you do all your repair work on-site?

Most. However, due to warranty issues, club construction or repair methods, there are times when it is better to send clubs back to the manufacturer for repair. Shipping fees will apply in these situations.

How do I know which shaft to re-shaft with?

You can go through a RETRO-FITTING session with one of our professional clubfitters. You can test several different shafts to find the right one for you. Once we have determined the shaft, our club repair specialists will order and install the shaft (see price sheet) and re-balance your club so you can hit it well. Every player has an optimum shaft for their swing. The right shaft will give you optimum ball flight, proper spin rate and launch angle. Sometimes a shaft change is more effective and costs less than buying an entirely new club.

How do I know if a club needs cutting down or extending?

Come in and see one of our club specialists and we can help you determine if a modification is necessary. We may nedd to put you through a RETRO-FITTING session if necessary to find the correct specs.

Do you sell grip tape or other items so I can change my grips myself?

No. We only keep items in stock for us to change your grips for you.

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