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Lower Your Scores When You Know Your Distances


Ever wonder why you always leave your 7-iron short in the bunker, or why you always hit your pitching wedge 10 yards over the green? Now you can know your averages for every club with the help of the ES15 launch monitor from Ernest Sports.

By working with our launch monitor, you can record your distances for all your clubs so you can feel confident every time you step up to the ball.

Track how far you hit all your clubs for just $5! (Range Balls sold separately)

We are dedicated to helping you play your best golf, which is why we are bringing this launch monitor technology to you in the Carlsbad Golf Performance Center. CGC is the first public outdoor golf facility in Southern California to bring you direct access to technology top players use nationwide.

See below for all the technology the ES15 Launch Monitor offers...

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Data that is provided in the LCD screens during your range session:

  • Smash Factor – This relates to the amount of energy being transferred from the clubhead to the golf ball. The equation is Ball Speed divided by Club Speed. The higher the numerical Smash Factor, the better
  • For a Driver, a smash factor of 1.50 is ideal
  • Club Speed – in MPH, how fast the club head is going at impact
  • Ball Speed – in MPH, how fast the ball is going at impact
  • Spin Rate – in Revolutions Per Minute (“RPM”), how fast the ball is spinning at impact
  • Distance – how far the golf ball is going
  • With a Driver – this is the Total Distance, including Carry and Roll
  • With all other clubs – this is the Carry Distance (without Roll)




  • This reading does not take into account wind, the hill, or any other factors
  • These statistics remain on the screen until the next shot is hit.
  • The unit automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of no shots being hit.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on where the golf ball is placed and how it is struck, the unit may not capture the data for that shot. If this is happening frequently, please contact the Pro Shop immediately for assistance.






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