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This is like a customer rewards program without you having to do anything! No tracking, no punch cards, just pure up-front savings. There is NO FEE to get a range card, just come in the pro shop and we'll get you started. Plus, remember that you need a range card to take advantage of up to 30% additional savings during HAPPY HOURS (see box at left or see event calendar)

  • SAVE 10-25%: buy more, save more!
  • CONVENIENT -- keep it in your golf bag or wallet and go right to the ball machines
  • Debit-style card works DIRECTLY AT BALL MACHINES for medium, large or jumbo buckets
  • NEVER EXPIRES -- use at your own pace
  • Add any package level on to your account at any time in the pro shop
  • "FAMILY PLAN" -- have up to four cards drawing off the same account
  • LOST CARDS NO PROBLEM- just come in the pro shop and we'll remove the lost card from your account
  • Check the remaining balance on your card at any of the ball machines at any time
  • See range card policies below for details.


Ace  25% $300 $400
Double Eagle 20% $200 $250
Eagle 17% $100 $120
Birdie 14% $50 $58
Par 10% $20 $22
Senior* 25% $30 $40

*Senior cards only valid M-F until 1pm


  • If you lose your range card or your card is stolen, we can transfer any remaining balance to a new card for a $5 transaction fee each time. Please come in immediately so no one can use the remaining value of your card.
  • We can only replace the amount that the computer indicates remains on the card at time of replacement.
  • For the family plan, each card after the first card is $1 (and the same replacement fees listed above apply.)
  • Please return any cards that you do not wish to continue using. Bring them to the pro shop for recycling.
  • All range cards are non-refundable due to the increased value given over actual payment received.
  • Membership cards are valid for range balls purchases only.
  • Range cards only work when they have at least enough value to purchase a medium bucket. If not, you must come in the pro shop to add value to the card in the amount of one of the range card packages listed above. (You cannot add less than Par level re-charge).
  • Cash at the ball machines CANNOT be used to add value to the card, you must come in the pro shop to add more value (minimum Par level re-charge).
  • CGC Gift Cards are different than range cards and do not work in the ball machines. They can be used to purchase range cards and any other merchandise or services. 

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760-720-4653 (GOLF)
2711 Haymar Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92010


Pro Shop Open:
Daily 8am to 8:30pm

Range Open:
Daily 8am to 9pm except Wednesday open at 10am 

Payments accepted

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  • From Terry G. of Carlsbad, CA

    Saturday (Demo Day) was my first visit to your facility and I was very impressed, A+ on the Pro Shop Inventory. I was mostly impressed with the staff. I have been around golf for over 30 years and for some reason you find a lot of really "snotty" people in the business. That was certainly not the case there at CGC. Thanks again for everything.
  • From Antonio G. of Chula Vista, CA

    I just want to congratulate you again for your continued success [Golf World Best 100 Shop Award]! All your staff has been very helpful and attentive to our golf-related needs and have gone out of their way to help us and make us feel as your most important customer. However, I've been there numerous times already, and I have noticed also that everyone else gets treated the same way. If it wasn't for the 40 mile drive, I would definitely enjoy the use of the superb driving range that you have in operation.
  • From Madeline S. Vista, CA

    Your golf center is very good. It is a pleasure going there because all the people working there are very friendly and helpful. Sure, you have a good inventory, but they are the ones who make it great.
  • From Vicki M. of San Diego, CA

    By the time I left your store, I put my state refund check to good work by buying grips, two shirts, a pair of shorts on sale and a new golf bag which I love. It was time for a change for me! It felt good to have so many choices and styles to choose from. Thanks!
  • From Susan C. of Rancho Bernardo, CA

    I can personally attest to your active participation in the community. Your contributions to our women’s club have helped make our events wonderfully successful! I am a fan!
  • From Chris H. in Carlsbad, CA

    The customer service and warmth that I receive in general...are the real reason I return time after time.  People make all the difference and you have some gems under that roof.  Please pass along my thanks and it is my hope that these individuals are acknowledged for the service that they not only provide to me and my family, but I am sure to all your other customers as well.